Thursday, July 24, 2014

A poor little jellyfish is hanging on a ledge and he's dropped to his doom.  Your job is to place bouncy platforms to repel him towards the magical feather.  The ultimate goal is to get enough feathers so that he can have wings so he won't keep falling into trouble!

Jelly Flop 1.1.4 Apk Download

Along the way you should collect the water droplets … just because that's what a truly skilled hero would do.  Anyway… the poor bugger is somehow flying through the sky and is clearly out of his element, so you may as well do something good for the critter!

Features :
  • 5 zones and 100 levels of high-flying fun!
  • Fun and addictive physics system!
  • Draw lines anywhere to solve puzzles!
  • Earn achievements and unlock stylish hats!
  • Meet quirky characters along the way!

Playing Tips :
  • The longer you draw your rubber reflectors then the more accurate the angle of your platform.  This in turn will give you more control over the jelly-fish reflection.  So if you're having problems controlling the bounce direction then draw longer platforms.
  • You don't have unlimited rubber so if you did extend the platform length as per the above tip then I suggest reducing the platform after you've confirmed that you have the correct angle.
  • If you're a true elitist then you should try using the shortest reflectors you can – it should increase your level score.
  • Sometimes you can have scenarios where you've got the right angle but you've missed a water droplet by a smidgen.  In those scenarios you should drag the whole reflector around so you don't lose your angle of reflection.
Current Version : 1.1.4
Requires Android : 2.1 and up
Content Rating : Everyone
Developer : Concrete Software, Inc
Size : 35M

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